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Germany-"Even though he has never had the chance to prove his skills in college, he is a player for me who can make the difference!" says Phil Gamble, head coach of the Minden Wolves and is full of praise for his next new addition to the 2023 season. From Baltimore in the US state of Maryland, Willie "Will" Fedd moves to the American footballers of DJK Dom.

Contract signing of Willie Fedd from Baltimore as a new wide receiver (Photo: DJK Dom Minden)

There he is supposed to help to close the gaps that have been opened by the departures of homegrown Lars Weiß into the GFL1 and the Kolbi Crittenden, who returned home, in the position of the wide receiver.

With a size of 6’4 and weighing in at 195 pounds the 23-year-old brings the right size for a passport recipient. In the last two years at the Baltimore Lightning, he has gained a total of 20 touchdowns and 1500 yards of space. In 2022, he was also awarded as an offensive MVP.

Fedd describes himself as a hardworking and motivated player with great passion. "I am constantly working to become not only a better player, but also a better man for my team so that we as a whole become more effective."

The wide receiver can also hold the position of the free safety at the same time and act as a kick returner. In Minden, he will also contribute his experience in the field of coaching.

Phil Gamble thinks a lot of his newcomer: "Since everything in the USA is geared towards colleges, football loses numerous talents, which therefore remain in the amateur sector, but bring a lot of class. Such a man is Will. That's why we chose him and committed him to the Minden Wolves."

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