by Gridiron Media

Baltimore,MD-The Lightning kick off their inaugural GDFL season tomorrow at home against the New York Falcons with some questions that they’ll need to answer.  

The Lightning have upgraded at nearly every position across the board, but the team’s success will fall squarely on the arm and legs of starting quarterback, TERRON PAGE.  

Page has been one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the country with 36 passing touchdowns, 10 rushing TDs, 9 interceptions and over 2,000 yards rushing.  

But Page won’t be alone.  The Lightning receiver corps may be one of, if not the best in the country.  Will Fedd, Whitey Holt, Lewis Roman, DaQuan Mints and Artez Gathers are a great combination of size, speed and great route runners at the receiver position.  To boot, the Bolts also have bolstered the tight end position adding Delontai Bruton with the prolific Zach Bundy.  

But the key to this game and for the Bolts season, is if the Lightning defense can maintain the dominance that it has shown in previous years and keep the Falcons out of the end zone.  

“We have one of the best defensive units and D coordinators in the game.  I have every confidence in Coach Rob (Jackson) that we’ll do some great things with this much upgraded defensive unit.” -Will Hanna, President/GM of the Baltimore Lightning.  

The Lightning have the NY Falcons, Cleveland Rams and defending national champion, Erie Express, in the first 3 weeks.  No easy task.  

Adds Hanna, “I think some people will be surprised at how well we’ll do this season.  Our first year in the league, but we will not be a pushover.  Never have been and never will be.”

LIGHTNING v. NY FALCONS!  Kickoff at 5pm at Mervo High School, 3500 Hillen Road, Baltimore, MD. 


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