GDFL Add Four

by Gridiron Media

Memphis,TN-The Louisville Kings,Southwest Warhawks,West Virginia Black Knights,and Midwest Wildcats have all committed to play next season in the Gridiron Developmental Football League for the 2018 Season and beyond. 

If you heard the Name Kings, Warhawks, Black Knights, and Wildcats one might think a new episode of Game of Thrones was about to air but in fact all four of these organizations are vying for the gridiron throne and be crowned the GDFL National Champions. 

The Gridiron Developmental Football League is pleased to announce the Midwest Wildcats, formerly the Nebraska Nightmare are adding their name to an already impressive line-up of premiere organizations. The Wildcats come to the GDFL with a 7-3 record from their former league. This is the sophomore season for the West Virginia Black Knights. Founded in 2016 the Knights took the field last year in the Ohio Football League they had their struggles as a first year organization, but with the GDFL guidance,backing and resource they now feel they are ready to step into the arena of Gridiron Development Football League.

 To be the best you have to play the best.We look forward to seeing the Knights compete this season. Next up the Southwest Warhawks. The Southwest Warhawks hails from Wise, Virginia. This is a new name but the organization isn’t new to the gridiron, The Warhawks organization is being formed by the former leadership of the Letcher County Wolves. The Wolves were serious contenders in 2013 making it all the way to their leagues championship game only to lose to the Tennessee Crusaders by a last min touchdown with 58 seconds remaining on the clock 6-0. We look forward to seeing how they will measure up against the talent in the GDFL.

 And Finally, All Hail the Kings! That’s right theirs a new King in town the Louisville Kings are happy to add themselves to the fold. Same colors similar Mascots hmm will they be able to fill the void left by the Crescent City Kings Football Organization who left the league with an impressive record we cannot wait to see how their story unfolds.

 Stay tuned in for all of the action!

Louisville Kings

King Williamson 

“We are so excited to be members of the Gridiron Developmental Football League and to be bringing pro developmental football back to Louisville” stated King.  “The Louisville community is a passionate market when it comes to their sports teams,especially when it involves making impact in our community and now being able to bring a top quality organization into our city with a stable league like the GDFL, is a perfect match”. 

City: Louisville, Kentucky 

Established: 2017

Stadium: Royal Memorial Stadium

Colors: Green: Purple and Gold

Ownership: King Williamson 

Southwest Warhawks

Lennie Holbrook
"These are some of the best teams in the country, that’s why we came here. We will to travel all the way from Wise,VA to wherever the competition might be ., and we wouldn’t make the trip if the competition wasn’t going to be top level. 

That’s what we look for and that’s what we’re getting in the GDFL National League. Everyone has to compete, whether it’s through your Region or the National Playoffs or Championship Series It’s a proving ground for us to showcase ourselves and prove that we belong here and so do the other teams." 

"It’s the competition. It’s the level of players that are here and we will push every day, and you get things here you can’t get other places."


City: Wise,Virginia
Established: 2017
Stadium: TBA
Colors: Green: Red ,White and Black
Ownership: Lennie Holbrook 

West Virginia Black Knights

Walter Seals 

Walter Seals of West Virginia Black Knights Ownership said, “The West Virginia Black Knights 2017 inaugural season was an up and down experience that comes along with limited occasions in sports. Mr.Seals was instrumental in bringing pro developmental football to Dunbar West Virginia and the surrounding community. His ability to recruit the players and field our team in short order was paramount to the Black Knights first year of play. Teams which consistently perform at the highest levels are able to come together and be unified across the organization. We will make that a priority for the upcoming season. To ensure that the West Virginia Black Knights can continue to grow and succeed, We are very proud and excited to be members of the Gridiron Developmental Football League ."

 City:  Dunbar,West Virginia
 Established: 2016
 Stadium: Dunbar High School Stadium
 Colors: Green: Red ,White and Black
 Ownership:Walter Seals 


The Gridiron Developmental Football League is a Professional Developmental Football League based in Memphis, Tennessee. This League was established to provide the community with high quality sports entertainment and to provide athletes the opportunity to participate in professional sports. We are looking at partnering with national and local area businesses in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to our community. Our commitment, dedication, and vision are set on building a firm foundation for professionalism and quality. The Gridiron Developmental Football League continues to strive to provide a quality minor professional level of football throughout the United States and beyond giving area athletes and fans the opportunity be a part of history. Our organization would like to thank you for your support. We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to “Making AN IMPACT” in our Community.

Fans can visit our website at for upcoming announcements, ticketing info, and player tryouts.

The GDFL Communications Office contributed to this article.